This page you'll discover documentation about SDK and Library created by mobile team at MNC Innovation Center


Dashboard Feature

  • Manage Apps
  • Customize Layout
  • Customize Apps Order
  • Manage Click Behaviour

Flutter SDK

  • Show All MNC Apps
  • Managed Button Click Behaviour
  • InApp WebView

Available in Android, IOS.

Test Status :

  • Android ✅ Done

  • iOS ✅ Done

How To Use

This lib currently using material theme, if you flutter app using cuppertino app. it may break

1. Add dependency

mncapps: ^2.0.0

2. Platform specific


add this to ios/runner/info.plist


These lines added for check if the app installed or not, and open it. The Schemes may change or will be added more.


Good to go, nothing to add.

3. Import it

import  'package:mncapps/mncapps.dart';

4. Use it

Use the body

child: MNCAppsBody(userID: 'Your UserID'),
Navigator.push(context,MaterialPageRoute( builder: (context)=>MNCAppsScreen(userID: 'Your UserID')));

Optionaly add cache to it

    userID: "YOUR USER ID",
    cachingStrategy: CachingStrategy.Weekly,