MNCAppsSDK is a library to help you manage all MNC apps and make it easier to display and maintain in your application.


Dashboard Features

  • Manage apps.
  • Customize layout.
  • Customize apps order.
  • Manage click behavior.


  • Show all MNC apps.
  • Managed button click behavior.
  • Customize apps order.
  • Manage click behavior.
  • Objective-C support.
  • Swift support.

How To Use

The simplest way to use it is you need to put all values (User Id, Bundle Id, etc.) into MNCAppsRequest and use it as parameter when present the MNCAppsScreen :

import MNCAppsSDK

let request = MNCAppsRequest()
request.setLanguage("en") // "en" for english language and "id" for indonesia language
request.setIntervals(0) // how many days does the data need to be updated
let screen = MNCAppsScreen(request: request)
screen.modalPresentationStyle = .fullScreen
self.present(screen, animated: false, completion: nil)

MNCAppsSDK will download all the MNC apps and store it in local device. Everytime Intervals value is zero (0), SDK will always redownload all the contents. You can set Intervals value to set how many days you need to redownload all the contents. And whenever you don’t had a network connection, SDK will display all stored contents from the latest download.

MNCAppsSDK-light MNCAppsSDK-dark

MNCAppsScreen is subclass from UIViewController. Beside MNCAppsScreen, there’s MNCAppsBody which subclass of UIView and you can customize it size or customize the navigation bar.

let body = MNCAppsBody(frame: self.view.safeAreaLayoutGuide.layoutFrame, andRequest: request)


For installation is recomended using Cocoapods.


target 'MyApp' do
  pod 'MNCAppsSDK', '1.0.1'

XCode Setup

For MNCAppsSDK version 1.0.1, please set Enable Bitcode to NO in your Project’s Build Setting.

And then, you need to add LSApplicationQueriesSchemes in your .plist file :


This key is needed to allow the application to open another app whenever user tap Open button inside your application.

Please note that value inside LSApplicationQueriesSchemes can be change or add sometimes depend of what changes in Dashboard. XCode will show inform you in console log about what you need to add inside LSApplicationQueriesSchemes so it can directly open the app.